Meindl Burma Pro MFS Walking Boot
Product Review & Walking Gear Test

Meindl Burma Pro MFS Walking Boot Meindl Burma Pro MFS Walking Boot
Burma Pro MFS Walking Boot

Vital Statistics:

UK 6-12 (women's sizes available)



Features to Note:

In-use Test:

Our testing for the Meindl Burma Pro MFS Walking Boots was over several long day walks in the Lake District and the Cairngorms.

The relatively high ankle cut plus generous padding around ankle cuff and throughout length of tongue meant that these boots were immediately comfortable. And they remained so on subsequent day's walking. Both toes and heels are well protected and there is excellent support both laterally and longitudinally. From the Vibram sole, there was also excellent grip on grass, mud and rock. The lacing system is very good - the eyelets are placed well - so the boots are easy to get on and off. My feet were kept warm and dry throughout the test. There is also a good rubber rand to protect the boot upper from scuffs and scrapes.

Despite the level of functionality, they are relatively light-weight.

The only negative comment I have about them is that the goretex lining may make the boots hot in summer. However, I think the performance overall outweighs this.

Buying Advice:

Excellent performance albeit at a reasonably hefty price. Worth it though if your walking is mostly in the high mountains. However, I have also used the Meindl Burma Pro MFS Walking Boots for lower level walks and found them to be equally at home in this terrain.

They are not officially 'badged' as crampon compatible. However, I have used them with flexible crampons for short periods of time.

What do you think?

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We would love to hear what you thought of it - good, bad or indifferent. Perhaps you simply disagree with the verdict above - or feel an important feature has been negelected.

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• After 30 years of use they are finally giving up being waterproof, but are still as comfortable as ever. The next pair will see me out, but there is no other boot to match the Meindl Burma.

Tony Dalby-welsh

• Really disappointed with these, after only an hour of wear in quite heavy rain, I noticed my feet were wet. 45 minutes later when taking them off, I could squeeze water out if my socks. Considering the price and waterproof claims, I was very disappointed. I had to return them.

Jason Smith, Burnley

• I have owned my Meindl Burma Pro boots for many years and have been very satisfied with them. They took a bit of settling in but then felt comfortable and supportive whenever I wear them. I use Meindl wax which isn't readily available but worth using. The boots are still waterproof but the leather has cracked above the toes at the bend area which may present a problem. I will probably still buy the same again as they are just so comfortable.

Grosvenor Lass , Northampton

• I am on my 2nd and final pair of Meinl Burma's. Whilst they are very comfortable boots, they just don't last! The first pair cracked along the toe crease despite what I thought was a proper cleaning routine. When I visited Cotswold Outdoors they were surprised to hear about this flaw, something however I doubt now reading other similar experiences. The said that it was probably due to the fact that I had not washed them out on a regular basis on the inside with fresh water and that would have caused the gortex to go. As the boots were comfortable and fitted well I decided to purchase another pair and have since then ensured that I wash inside and out but despite this cracks are once again appearing in this pair. Also, one boot now has a little hole somewhere in the sole where it joins the leather, this then lets water into the sole and I have a very annoying squelching sound when it is wet, which let's face it, is most of the time in this country. Sorry to say that I shan't be wasting my money on a 3rd pair of these boots.

Paul Gibson, Swindon

• I've had my Meindl Burma boots for 10 years, and my walking with the boots has consisted primarily of 2 weeks of Rocky Mountain hiking every year. The terrain is rugged with many stream crossings, rain and occasionally snow. My boots are still going strong and my feet have always been comfortable and dry even in very wet weather. I wax them regularly and put 3 coats of sport wax on before each trip. I notice that the leather is starting to crack in the foot crease but not badly. These boots are comfortable and still going strong!

Jane Hurlburt, Vancouver Bc

• I bought these boots exactly two years ago and loved them. I've cared for them meticulously since I wanted them to last (they're not cheap!). Despite this the toe crease has cracked and obviously the Goretex lining is shot, as for the last month I've had wet feet every time I wear them (weekends only so in real terms they are ruined after . I expected more from a pair of boots that cost so much and appeared to be so robust. I may as well have bought a pair of £30 Hi-Tec to get that amount of wear out of them! I'm so disappointed.

Julie West, Bradford

• I bought my Meindl Burma boots just under four years ago and up until recently they have been absolutely fantastic. They were extremely comfortable straight from the box, have remained totally waterproof and provide excellent grip on all terrains from waterlogged marshes to via ferrata. Having walked hundreds of miles in these boots there is still loads of tread left on the sole, and if it wasn't for them recently developing a very irritating squelch when walking due to water ingress somewhere in the heel they would have lasted me many, many more years. Apart from this my only gripe with the boots is that even though I am very fastidious in terms of cleaning and careful drying, as well as very regularly, and always after they got wet, treating with the recommended "Meindl Sport Wax", the leather has quite badly cracked / split at the main bending point as well as where the leather meets the welt. Would I buy the same boots again? Maybe but I am quite disappointed that they have not lasted as long as I would have hoped considering their cost.

Andrew Cadwallader

• This is my 5th pair of Burma Pros, I have been wearing the brand for many years. I use them heavily, wearing them every day and walking around 30/40 miles per week, the reason I have repeatedly bought Burma Pro is the quality has been 2nd to none, however I have never had a boot deteriorate as quickly as my current pair. Following only 5 months use the upper has cracked badly despite regular applications of Nikwax & one of them is no longer waterproof. I returned them to the retailer who sent them away to "Bramwell International" who are Meidl's UK representatives, Bramwell returned them saying that they were unable to honour the warranty as the Goretex had worn through, not the boot. I subsequently sent several emails to Bramwell pointing out that the Goretex was, as far as I was concerned, part of the boot, however they stuck to their line that they are not responsible for the Goretex element & refused to repair/replace the boot. Therefore I have lost all confidence in Meindl & would no longer recommend their products.

James Thorne, Henley-in-arden

• Spend the won't be disappointed. I'm on my third pair and won't buy any other boot. Have tried many boots over the years and always come back to these ones, they're just so comfortable. Easy to clean, plenty of grip and warm too.....never leaked. Good kit that gives you confidence straight out of the box. Walked/ scrambled all over Snowdonia, yomped all across the Lake District....all weather, all seasons. You won't want to take them off, look after them and they will not let you down....just don't wear them for work, especially if like me your a builder...that will almost certainly shorten their life, hence why I'm on my third pair!

Ro Davies, Flintshire, North Wales

• Very comfortable straight out of the box. After about 18months of relatively easy walking they started to crack then the left boot leaked. They continued cracking until finally the cracks affected the Gortex lining making them impossibly painful to wear. Both tongues broke away at the bottom. I have never had a pair of boots that broke down so quickly. Meindl are less than sympathetic and think that its all down to wear and tear! My research suggests that although this is not a bad boot as such, it's pot luck whether you get a good version.

Michael Stevens, Cornwall

• What a boot! I had my first pair of Meindl boots in 1997 and these were the Borneo type. These boots have now worn to such an extent that the welt is cracked and the leather has finally gone through on the major crease points. This is down to a hot dry week in spanish river beds and not looking after them at this time! I have replaced them with the Burmas and they are just famtastic. Comfortable out of the box, had a good few days in wales in the snow this winter and yes - they are quite happy in my Grivel G10's when required. Although they are not labelled as crampon compatible fear not, they work fine. Although pricey, there are deals to be had (I got mine for around £150). :-)

Samuel Pointon, Staffordshire

• I have had my Burmas now for just over a year now. They are the most comfortable pair of walking boots I have had in more than 40 years walking in Britain and Europe. They are not the cheapest boot around, but I think they are worth every penny. These were my first pair of Burmas but they certainly will not be the last.

Ken Hanks, Banbury

• I have just bought my second pair after just 18mths. They have given me a reasonable amount ware [wear], and have proved to be an excellent walking boot. I have done all types of walking, averaging about 15 miles a week, a really top class boot. However, although I maintained them as instructed, the leather on my left boot, about my big toe area, showed signs of cracking after just 12 months, most disappointing. The Gorte-Tex lining at the same point I have worn through with my big toe, hence they are no longer waterproof. Why did I but a second pair one may ask, well they are a top class walking boot, and were the most suitable for my feet.

Peter Hingley, Bromsgrove

• I purchased a pair of Meindl Burma boots in 1999 and spend on average about 25 days a year walking. I have worn my boots from the Somerset levels to Torridon and they have kept my feet dry and comfortable from day 1. It now after 13 years that they show signs of wear where the leather meets the rand but they are still waterproof, a trip to Perthshire this year confirms. I will consign my present boots to being my second pair after I have purchased another pair of Burma Pro.

Bernie Cook, Taunton

• I purchased a pair of these boots in January prior to my planned trek to Everest base camp in March this year. After " running them in" walking around the perimeter of Richmond Park a few times I was ready for my trip to Nepal. I wore the boots on a 4 day trek in the Annapurna Range where I experienced heavy rain and snow. The 14 day trek in the Himalayas was dry but extremely cold. I can report that the boots were comfortable and kept my feet dry and warm. They also gave good support for the long downhill journey. Whilst in Nepal I visited Chitwan National Park for 4 days and used the boots for an on foot safari in the jungle. Even with temperatures in the 30's the boots were comfortable. I would heartily recommend them.

Malcolm Chevin, London

• I have just bought my 3rd pair of these boots, they tend to last me 3 yrs then are relegated to 2nd place and last another few years with reheeling. The ankle support is marvellous and I walk over all terrain doing about 1500m a year. I use meindl sportwax on them and wouldnt wear anything else. Also when trampled by 20 cows who broke my ankle when they rolled over me and stamped on my feet in 2006, these boots saved my feet and kept the bones in position so i could walk a mile to the next village.....did have to use a screwdriver to open the metal clips to undo the boots tho ha ha.

Di Farrell, Lincoln

• My Raichle's (v comfortable) wore out and I tried several different boots which rubbed my feet in assorted places until I finally bought these. In the women's version the heel section holds my heel properly and the boot was comfortable from the first day, though more comfortable after several months regular walking. Excellent waterproofing and grip and I really like the easy to use lacing system. Good on both rock and bog though not ideal on mud as cleats collect the mud to form a heavy sliding mass - however, all boots would probably suffer from this. Wales is unavoidably muddy in winter (and often in summer too) - sigh.

Lesley Jones, Cardiff

• I bought these boots about 6 months ago ready to break in for my trip to Kilimanjao in December. I have traditionally bought cheaper boots but thought i should invest in the best for my trip. I went hiking for three days in Bulgaria and found the leather was coming away for the side of the sole not great considering i'd paid £175. Meindl have sent some replacements so i'll see how I go and write another review post Kili.

Sian Griffiths, Burton-on-trent

• Since my last review I've clocked up many, many more miles with weekend walking and some walking holidays in Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire, including 12 solid days on Offa's Dyke Path and my Burma Pro's performed well. Even with load-carrying. No blisters. No wear and tear on the boots. The leather is bearing up and so is the rubber and sole. The laces are still as sound as when bought. Pretty good I must say.

Jeremy Bolwell, Ludlow, Shropshire

• I bought these in January 2010 and find the tongue too bulky on the instep (only on one side of the tongue of one boot). After a few hours walking it digs in and no matter how I adjust it it sits bulky against my instep. In speaking to a walker on Sunday they said they had the same problem, I still mean to go back with them but the place I bought them is some distance away and they are probably too well used to return now.

Mary Laird, Scotland

• I've owned these boots for almost three years now, and in that time have walked miles in many different terrains, from the flat fields and gentle slopes of the Gloucestershire countryside to the fells and rough tracks of Cumbria and more. In all those miles, the boots have always felt as comfortable as the day I tried them on in the shop. The only footwear I own that is more comfortable are my trusty old slippers - but they aren't waterproof, rugged and won't protect my ankles as effectively as these boots. When these boots (eventually) wear out, I will most certainly be buying the same again.

Bernie Pottrell, Bristol

• Well now. Ive had my boots for about 1 year now (ish). From the very day i put them i've had no problems whatso ever. Trekking up The Cheviot in the thick peat - no problem, just come home and scrub them down with hard brush then apply some leder gris. They are comfortable, warm, dry and give you loads of confidence (sometimes i think i am wearing indestructible footwear). Can't fault them.

Chris Orrick, Newcastle Upon Tyne

• Great grade of soft but hard wearing leather, nice rubber welts to prevent toe scuffs etc, MFS (memory foam system) seems to work making a comfy interior, good vibram sole for grip going up and downslope, 2 kilos per boot so light also.

I've had mine six months and no leaks, no quibbles right through autumn and winter. The gore tex lining means you can get some damp from sweat so for thru-hiking (for me anyway) they need airing daily. I will update after another six months. In summary : you gets what you pay for.

Jeremy Bolwell, Ludlow, Shropshire

• Bought my first pair of Meindl Boots back in 1995, they have had good wear and tear in my walking years and ready to buy my second pair.

Sandra Hindley, Lancashire

• Purchased last week .Worn once walking in Mourne Mountains. Wide variety of terraine. Found them instantly comfortable and remained so for duration of walk. 4/5 hours.Early days however very impressed.

John Lowndes, Belfast

• I walked up Y Garn in Snowdonia with these boots straight out of the box (3000ft). No blisters. Amazing boots, very comfortable. Crossed a stream with no problems. Walked on wet rock with no problems. Very good boot.

Craig Kemp, Liverpool

• Superb boot. Although quite expensive they are worth every penny. Great ankle support and totally waterproof. But the biggest plus is the comfort. From the first time I wore them they felt as though they were hand made. The MFS system makes them incredibly comfortable. Would recommend them to anyone who wants a complete walking system on their feet!

Mike Morris, Manchester

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