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If you are going walking anywhere in the UK mountains and countryside - clear, accurate and up-to-date route instructions are an absolute must. walks are hand-crafted by professionals who really understand what makes a good walk - a good walk. Each 1:25 000 scale walk map (many with details not on the OS map) includes clear and precise route instructions to ensure you get the most out of your day in the UK countryside.

If you would like to see over 50 FREE example walks - get the Newsletter

And because we actively encourage all our members to report any changes to the route and/or route directions (using this form), we can quickly update each walk with the very latest information. Something simply not possible with an old fashioned printed book or leaflet.

With you'll spend more time drinking in the scenery and less time pouring over the instructions - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks. Accounts last a lifetime

Accounts with do not have a time limit. They will only expire once you have used all your credits. That means that if you are only an occasional walker your account will last for years and years. This makes a account much more economical than a traditional poor value annual subscription.

What's more, if you wait to download each walk until a few days before you need it - you can be sure you will be following only the very latest information - whether you walk next week, next month or next year.

With YOU decide how long your account will last - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.


Find new places to go walking with

Our unique Interactive Walk Selection Maps featuring OS Explorer Maps, OS Landranger Maps and UK National Parks allow you to quickly find your next walk- even if you don't know the name of the mountain, hill, valley, lake, dale, village, town, county, National Park or Ordnance Survey map.

No flicking back and forwards in a book, no tedious lists of bemusing and irrelevant search engine results to wade through.

Furthermore, if you need some help choosing your next walk - you'll find mountains of expert advice in Walk Ideas and thousands of stunning views in The Photo Gallery.

If you are looking for a walk up a specific hill or mountain and are not sure exactly where it is (or how to spell it) you'll probably find it listed in Peaks and Mountains.

And if you prefer to find your walks by more traditional methods - see Walks by UK Postcode or enter a location name into Walk Search.

With you'll spend more time walking and find new places to walk, new views to admire and new experiences to enjoy - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.


Find new friends to walk with at

Love to go walking but just cannot find someone to share your passion?

No-one to share the view. No-one to share the experience. No-one to share that warming cup of tomato soup.

For most of us, finding good friends to walk with is not easy, but if can help you meet JUST ONE new walking friend on the Find a Friend Message Board you'll be mighty glad you open an account.

And once you have made contact with everyone you want to, you can use any remaining credits to download all your Favourite Walks, GPS Waypoints, 'Best Walks in . . .' lists and collections and/or Tick Lists/Bagging Maps all for just one single easy payment.

With you could meet someone new to share your passion - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.


Create your own, personal walking book with

At you get much more than just expert Walk Routes. You can use your 50 credits to download GPS Waypoint Data Files, any or all of our popular 'Best Walks in . . .' lists, any or all of our Peak Bagging Tick Lists/Bagging Maps and/or contact new people on our Find New Walking Friends and Walking Groups Message Board - it's entirely up to you.

It's like creating your own personal walking book - but with only the walks and downloads you want, fully up-to-date, with clear and easy-to-follow instructions and of course much, much easier to carry.

With you can mix and match your credits so you only pay for the items you want - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.


Do not miss a tick with

Peak Bagging involves walking and hiking up all the hills and mountains on a particular list - so that you can proudly claim to have er . . walked or hiked up all the hills and mountains on a particular list. As pastimes go it's pretty harmless, healthy and gets you out into areas of the countryside that you probably hadn't thought of going to before - which all in all can't be a bad thing. is busy producing a series of fully annotated maps showing the locations of all the significant mountain summits and tops in each area complete with a comprehensive tick list on which you can record your success.

For some advice about how to get started and a list of the Peak Bagging Tick Lists and Location Maps currently available - click here.

If you would like to see a FREE example Peak Bagging Map and Tick List - get the Newsletter

It can be immensely rewarding too - but hard work at times. Particularly when the weather closes in and you are tired. But if one of our Peak Bagging maps stops you from missing JUST ONE peak, top, summit, Munro, Murdo, Corbett, Graham, Wainwright, Hewitt, Marilyn or Bridget (particularly after you've made all that effort to to get up there) - you'll be mighty glad you took us with you.

So Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.


Enjoy the added security of GPS with

You don't need GPS to walk in the British Isles but it can be useful to check your location - particularly when the mist descends. has over 13503 downloadable GPS Waypoints in both GPX (.gpx) format and Text (.txt) format which you can upload into your GPS Device and/or covert into a variety of formats. All you need is an Account with, a GPS Cable and some free software.

Each walk's set of downloadable GPS Data consist of between 5 and 15 key waypoints located at all the critical decision points around the walk. These points are usually located between 1/2km and 3km apart - so you you can spend your day gazing at the broad horizons instead of concentrating on the tiny screen. Tried and tested, it is a system that works superbly well.

If you have ever tried entering Waypoints into a GPS device by hand you'll know how time consuming it is and how easy it is to make a mistake - particularly when you cross OS grid sections.

If you would like to see some FREE example GPS Waypoint Data Files - get the Newsletter

With you can download GPS Waypoints and upload them into your GPS Device so you always stay the right track - so Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks. just might change your life

No, really, it might. Consider this:

What direction might your life take when you are;

- on top of a mountain you've never heard of,

- with a new friend who shares your passion,

- gazing at a majestic vista you never dreamt about,

- which might just give you the inspiration to achieve

  what you never before thought possible.

And if that's not worth a few pounds - what is?

So Open an Account Today and start walking better Walks.

Of course if you not want to open an account and support is and the work we are doing that's OK.

We hope you'll send us some pictures for The Photo Gallery, improve your navigation ability in Hill Skills, enter one or more of our various Competitions and get good value from the information in our independent Product Reviews and Walking Gear Tests.

And if you sign up for our regular monthly HTML Newsletter you can download over 50 Free Sample Walks, Free Sample GPS Waypoint Files in .txt and .gpx formats, a Free Sample Peak Bagging Mountain Tick List and Map and be kept fully up-to-date with all the new promotions and offers available from

And who knows, perhaps you'll catch up with us all a bit further up the path (most people seem to!).

**Availability of the web site is subject to factors outside our control, However our service level agreement with our suppliers stipulates that the site will be available for at least 99.9% of the available time.

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