The Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk - Feedback from Fellow Challengers

STOP PRESS: IMPORTANT: The Yorkshire Three Peaks route was changed during the winter of 2012 after a number of challengers ended up waist deep in boggy ground. Instead of crossing Todber Moss, Black Dubb Moss and Red Moss, it now goes south of Hull Pot to cross Whitber Hill, Sell Gill Beck, Sell Gill Hill, Jackdaw Hole and Penyghent Churn to rejoin the original route on High Pasture. Our definitive route guide has been amended to reflect this change - so don't risk attempting this walk without all the latest route information.

STOP PRESS: GPS Waypoint Data in both GPX (.gpx) and Text (.txt) format now available for The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Walk.

STOP PRESS: Our route guide now includes section timings (which take account of the fact that going up hill is slower than going down) so you will know whether or not you are on schedule to complete the walk within the required 12 hours. NB These timings have been adjusted to account for the new, slightly longer, version of the route established at the end of 2012.

STOP PRESS: We have been advised that the safety service run by the Pen-y-ghent Cafe has been temporarily suspended. The Clock Card service however is still available.

Some feedback from your fellow challengers about the route guide to the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Walk

The Yorkshire Three Peaks - Ingleborough summit

Please find attached pic of myself Paul Baldry (with Max the Dog), Jenny Baldry, Tom Evans and Martin Brown on top of Ingleborough on our 3 Peaks Challenge for Cash 4 Kids Charity for which we have raised over £1500. We completed all three in 11 Hours, a very tiring but fulfilling day and a day we'll remember for a long time.

P.S fantastic site, as we used your very detailed map and data for my GPS. Many thanks

Paul Baldry

Climbing Pen-y-Ghent

A team of 25 courageous Co-operative Financial Services employees, arrived at ground zero in the early hours some of us having been up since 3.30am. We were so excited we couldn't sleep!

A quick check of equipment and counting of toes which some of us had 'mummified' in zinc-oxide tape, confirmed we were ready to rumble. Thus equipped, a total of twenty five persons and 2 dogs, Stan (Labrador) and Piper (the exuberant Springer Spaniel, who must have covered the course at least two or three times, tirelessly running from one end of the group to the other) met at the cafe car park. At six-thirty sharp, we set off on our perilous journey (well come on, Ben Fogle makes a living out of this!).

The going was just great with the group soon inching its way up the summit of our first peak. We scrambled up an extremely steep, rocky, stepped slope and by 8.00am had reached the summit of Pen-y-Ghent. The weather was so glorious on the way back down even the shades came out and everyone got chatting and started to get to know each other. We were now well on our way. We even had a brief detour to check out the Hull Pot, a famous landmark, before returning to the cafe car park to talk tactics and the next two peaks . . .

Prior to the trip we had agreed to alter slightly the normal challenge route so it would be easier for people to retire if the going was heavy. This added a few miles and made the time element of the challenge a bit trickier - our goal was 12 hours. It became clear during the first ascent a group of 27 was really challenging to manage, so at the cafe, we split into three groups that would go at different speeds.

And so we were off again. This section was one of the longest: a gradual uphill to the second peak, Ingleborough, the ground was very heavy and boggy. The great weather was long gone and as we approached the summit, it was shrouded in mist and rain and was rather cold. There was even some left-over snow at the top. It was something of a disappointment not to get to see the amazing views however it was so misty our GPS came in handy just to find the trig point!

We didn't hang around and after debating which way to go with very little visibility, we set off down a steep decline thanks to the wonders of GPS technology, we even helped two stranded walkers - totally lost. The path we were on, made of limestone slabs, was laid by prisoners you know - and a good job they'd done too! At the bottom of the valley the mist cleared revealing the summit we had just descended from - typical! We raided our back packs for lunch - Glorious!. We could see the third peak and started to feel like we were going to make it through. Just one to go and the sky was clear . . .

. . . that was until we got to the top. The mist and a brisk wind was scant reward for the most vertical climb of the day. We were feeling it, by now, and took it in turns to take lead ensuring we kept going. At last we'd made it to the third peak, Whernside, and that was pretty gratifying.

Now for the long long trek home as were at our most northerly point - there was a 6 mile trek back down to the viaduct with a further 7 miles of low level walking on roads, bogs and paths.

The first group arrived at 5.25pm with the second at 6.30pm, the final group finished at 8.30pm, a fantastic achievement by all. After a change of clothing which took around 30 minutes given the fact rigor mortis was now setting in to our legs, we hit the local pub. A roaring fire, a cold pint of Guinness awaited us and we soon settled into crowing about how good we were until . . . above the bar was a roll of honour with record times of around 2.5 hours - Yes, some even run this event!!!

The drive home was 'interesting' given how stiff our legs were becoming - the passengers snoring away!

It's a great feeling to have made it through and also, thanks to all of you our colleagues, friends and families for raising over £4,000 on the day across the 25 walkers. Money is still coming in and fast approaching the £5,000 mark.

Some people have asked "would we do it again?"

All we have to say is . . . "In a heartbeat, it was amazing"

A massive thank you to all our sponsors who supported us.

Click here to see some more photos of our fantastic day.

The Walkers: Phil Hart, Joseph Hart, Paul Needham, Matthew Webber, Claire Eldridge, Matthew Thickett, Mark Taylor, A Mac, Gary Crilly, Elaine Clements, Amelia Park, Tasleem Sardar, Andrew Dixon, Kayley Jones, Billy Nixon, Claire Varley, Neville Botham, Peter Lynch, Callum Lynch, Kyle Bethell, Abigail Herron, Ben McCarron (Author), Ben Brooks, James Smith, Michael Knowles and 2 Dogs Piper and Stan.

Phil Hart

Great site! I printed of the notes that you have for the Yorkshire three Peaks and they were brilliant. The team that I walked with at the weekend all commented on how accurate they were. Thanks

John Carney, Birmingham

Whernside Summit

Hello Once More Go4awalk

Last year you published my letter (below) and photographs after I attempted to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks, after an earlier spine operation. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the walk but as I had previously done it 11 times before it wasn't such a disappointment.

However, I said I would return and maybe try it again!! Well that day arrived on Saturday 31st March. My Daughter Hayley and her friend Jo invited us (Julie/Mum/Wife & Me) to come along and show the way. So off we went that very cold morning with a 7:30am start. The pace was steady but I thought there was a lack of it to get them underway and make sure they would achieve their goal. So I opened up my throttle and before they knew it, I was some distance in front. So that was it, they realised the pace had to be increased. Jo soon caught me up, being fitter and in the Army, with Hayley and Julie following on behind.

Eventually they reached the first Peak and were quite elated as it was a fast pace. Time for a quick drink, snack and photo and then off to the next one. Everybody seemed more relaxed now and raring to go. Our route which is perfectly acceptable was Whernside 1st, then Ingleborough, followed by Pen-y-ghent. (Click here for some comments about doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge walk 'backwards' - Ed.)

On reaching the top of Ingleborough I decided they (Hayley and Jo) should push on and make sure they could complete the whole walk, while Julie and I savoured the walk down to Horton in Ribblesdale and enjoy the views. My stupid nerves in the right foot still prevent me doing more than about 15 to 20 miles so there was no point trying to stay with or keep up with these young greyhounds Ha! Ha!.

Eventually we waited to greet both the girls as they came back to Ribblehead after achieving a respectful 11 hour walk, especially as they spent three quarters of and hour in the Café in Horton before ascending Pen-y-ghent.

So well done to Hayley & Jo for achieving their, first 3 Peaks. I'm sure they'll give it another bash to beat their time at a later date.

Here is the picture of Hayley Me and Jo on top of Whernside

Keep up the good work on this fantastic web site.

Best Wishes

David Buckley, Bedford

Whernside Summit

Following my recent attempt to try and complete the Yorkshire Three Peak for the 12th time, I thought it was worth a mention on your web site for my fellow companions.

I am 59 turning 60 on Christmas Day this year. After suffering damaged disc's for quite some time I underwent surgery 4 years ago and have gradually got back into rigorous exercise so I thought it worth a go to join my Son John, his wife Tracy and my good wife Julie (Completed 3peaks previously) to see whether i was up to it.

Unfortunately my right leg suffers from nerve problems and these got the better of me, so after completing walking from Pen-y-Ghent and then over to Whernside I was unable to carry on. Julie stayed with me and we returned to Horton in Ribblesdale to wait and see if John and Tracy would complete the challenge on time.

Several walkers started drifting into Horton after approximately 11hours but no sign of J or T, then over the brow coming down from Ingleborough they appeared. This was the longest trek Tracy had ever completed and we were so proud of her, oh! and of course John.

They completed it in 11hrs 10mins. Not the best of times but in all fairness to both of them they could have done better if they hadn't held back for me in the early stages. Plus my poor beloved wife missed out on a good day. Still next year is beckoning already so I will be back to give it another try.

This was also the first time I used my GPS and downloaded the waypoints from go4awalk. Everything was perfect up to the point I terminated the walk.

Thank you.

Please would you add a picture to the excellent web site?

Best Wishes

David Buckley, September 2006

Hi there,

We did the 3 Yorkshire Peaks yesterday using your route. It was fantastic. We printed the route off and laminated the sheets expecting rain. However the weather was brilliant and it was an amazing experience. Tired legs and only 1 small blister later I feel on top of the world.

Without your perfect route I wouldn't have know where to start having never been there before. Our group was made up from 6 very different people - ranging from me at 33 with severe asthma to a 62 year old lady who is fairly fit. We all managed it at our own pace and achieved it in just over 11 hours.

We did this challenge to raise sponsorship for Pickering 1st Responders. 3 of us belong to the 1st responders and whilst we get our equipment provided we still need to raise money to run the car. We expect to have raised £300-£400!

Thank you so much for your help by providing us with a perfect route in a format which was easily understood by all.

Sarah Herbert and Pickering 1st Responders, August 2006

Charged round the 3 peaks in almost zero visibility - your route map was very helpful. So thank you.

David Treacher, June 2005

Dear Editor,

I did this walk last Friday, by myself, and very much enjoyed it, though I started and finished at Ribblehead Station, which I guess is easier because I had an incentive to get through the nasty boggy bit NW of Pen-y-ghent before darkness fell and in time for the last train of the day back from Ribblehead to Leeds.

I can see how demoralised one could get having the Mosses near the start of the walk and not knowing whether the rest of the walk was similar. (It's not! Ed.)

I did it in 10 hours exactly, and as I'm 49 and don't do hill-walking that often I felt very pleased with myself, though I was very stiff indeed the next day. One thing though, it would have been helpful to warn walkers not to go NNE alongside the wall after crossing the double wall stile at Pen-y-ghent. I missed the Pennine Way path (which descends NW) and consequently went nearly a mile out of my way before I realised my mistake. Admittedly this was my fault as if I had used my OS map and compass at that point I would have realised I wasgoing NNE rather than the NW actually required.
(Done - Ed.)

Thanks to your editing team for making it possible for me to have such a nice day in such beautiful scenery.

Best Wishes

John Austin, May 2005

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